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111 - A Potter Thanksgiving

November 24, 2019

4 Corners

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055 - Success and Failure with John Mooney

October 28, 2018

One of the original crew, John Mooney, stops by to chat with Lenny, Neil, and Danny about the 4C's: John's tortured career, Measuring success and failure, Kids Toys, and we play Care or Don't Care. 

054 - Dancing and Cheering with Tina Fernandez

October 21, 2018

Leslie Jones' personal assistant, Tina, stops by to talk to Lenny, Neil, and Danny. We talk the 4C's: Tina's unique career, the difference between dance and cheer squads, morning people vs. night owls, and we do an SNL quiz. Can Tina end Neil's 1 quiz winning streak?

053 - New Faces, Old Faces, Dead Faces with Iris Bahr

October 14, 2018

Actress-Comedian Iris Bahr joins Lenny, Neil, and Danny to discuss the 4C's: Iris' world traveling life, one-person shows, children and we play This, That and the Other Thing. 

052 - Metoo smart with Dr. Professor Jen Begakis

October 7, 2018

Soon to be Ph.D. and smart millennial, Jen Begakis, joins Lenny and Neil to smarten them up. They discuss the 4 Corners: Jen's amazing background, American Economic History, The #Metoo movement and we so a sports history quiz. Can Neil beat a Ph.D.?

051 - My Summer Vacation

September 30, 2018

Lenny Neil and Danny get together to start season 2 of the 4CPodcast. We discuss everyone's summer vacation after a 15-week recording hiatus. The 4C's are: Danny's, Neil's, and Lenny's summer. Plus we do highlights of the summer news.
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