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0101 - Real (Estate) Talk with Rory Clark

September 15, 2019

4 Corners

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025 - Historical Architecture and Brent Hull

April 2, 2018

Neil's one famous friend, Brent Hull stops by to talk to the boys about the 4C's: Brent's Career and how he knows the likes of Neil, The state of Texas, Cowboy Boots, and a Texas Quiz. 

024 - Going Going Gone Girls - Ankara Savone and Shauna Lane

April 1, 2018

Two podcasts collide when Lenny and Neil take on the Gone Girls (Ankara Savone and Shauna Lane). This week's 4 corners: The Gone Girls origin, The Comic Strip, Pet Peeves, and we play the Newlywed Game. Podcast vs. Podcast.

023- Double the Marcus with Marcus Monroe

March 19, 2018

Double the Marcus with Marcus Monroe

022- Jim Florentine thinks we're awful

March 11, 2018

Right before his new book came out. Everyone is awful except you, the great Jim Florentine came in to yell at Neil and Lenny about the 4C's: His career, The Dolphins, Social Media, and we play Scruples. Spoiler Alert: Jim detests selfie sticks. Like a lot.

2018 Oscars Special

March 4, 2018

Lenny, Neil and Neil's theatrical significant preview the 2018 Academy Awards Race in 4C's style. The 4C's are The famous party we attend, Best Supporting Awards, Best Lead Awards, and Best Picture. Spoiler Alert: Neil is sure who wins Best Picture.
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