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128 - Don't eat bats

March 22, 2020

4 Corners

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027 - Sex and the City and Liza Treyger

April 15, 2018

Lenny Neil and Danny Cohen talk to comedy's killer L.T., Liza Treyger about the 4C's: Liza's rocketing career, Drinking, Louie CK and that mess, and we do a Sex and the City quiz. Neil enlists Danny for help. Spoiler Alert: It's ugly. 

026 - Vicapedia with Vic Henley

April 8, 2018

Lenny and Neil have a blast as always with our buddy Vic Henley who knows everyone and everything. That's why he is Vicapedia! The 4C's are: Vic and his crazy career, Sasha Baron Cohen, College Football, and we do a College Bowl quiz. 

025 - Historical Architecture and Brent Hull

April 2, 2018

Neil's one famous friend, Brent Hull stops by to talk to the boys about the 4C's: Brent's Career and how he knows the likes of Neil, The state of Texas, Cowboy Boots, and a Texas Quiz. 

024 - Going Going Gone Girls - Ankara Savone and Shauna Lane

April 1, 2018

Two podcasts collide when Lenny and Neil take on the Gone Girls (Ankara Savone and Shauna Lane). This week's 4 corners: The Gone Girls origin, The Comic Strip, Pet Peeves, and we play the Newlywed Game. Podcast vs. Podcast.

023- Double the Marcus with Marcus Monroe

March 19, 2018

Double the Marcus with Marcus Monroe
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