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130 - Tigers, Corona, and Bethel oh my, with Bethel Caram

April 5, 2020

4 Corners

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010 - Podcast Crossfit with Mike Vecchione

December 17, 2017

Amazing comedian Mike Vecchione stops in to discuss these 4 C's: His career, Idiots in hurricanes, working out, and we play Care or Don't Care.

009 The Odd Couple and Dave Juskow

December 10, 2017

Comedian and actor Dave Juskow joins Lenny and Neil. The 4 corners are: Dave the Comedy Bon-Vivant, Tailgating, Tony Randall, and we play this, that or the other thing.

008 - Big Stone Gap and stuff

December 3, 2017

Neil's significant other, Bethel, and Lenny's BFF Peter make it a perfect foursome today. The 4 Corners are: Big Stone Gap and other random places, Flying, Friends, and Game Shows.

007 - Hot for Burton

November 26, 2017

East Coast comedian Mike p. Burton joins Lenny, Neil and Bethel, to discuss these 4 corners:  Mike, College Basketball, New York City Neighborhoods, and then it's Mike vs. Neil in a Van Halen quiz showdown!

006 - Marla Schultz

November 19, 2017

Comedian Marla Schultz joins Lenny and Neil to discuss these 4 corners:  Marla, Weight Loss, Boobs, and getting married later in life
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