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111 - A Potter Thanksgiving

November 24, 2019

4 Corners

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080 - Something Sounds Fishy with Jason Salmon

April 21, 2019

Comedian Jason Salmon talks to Lenny and Neil about these 4C's: The journey from Texas native to NYC actor, Tiger Woods, Seasonal Depression, and we do an Advertising quiz. 

079 - Flaming hot with Catherine Hunt

April 14, 2019

London lawyer and longtime friend HRH aka The Flame, Catherine Hunt, joins Lenny and Neil (and Later Abby) to discuss the 4C's: Catherine's posh London life, Celebrities, Golf, and we play Pick Your Poison.

078 - A Standing Ovation with Ian Fidance

April 7, 2019

Comedian Ian Fidance talks to Lenny and Neil about an array of topics during his 4 corners including: Ian's career journey from Delaware to NYC, Bicycles in NYC, Neil's loathing of Standing Ovations, and we play This That or the Other Thing. 

077 - Keep Asking Me Stuff with Ophira Eisenberg

April 1, 2019

Comedian and NPR Ask Me Another host, Ophira Eisenberg joins Lenny and Neil to discuss her 4C's: Ophira's journey from Canada to NYC, NPR, Screw Everyone, and we give a game show host a game show quiz!

076 - The Bard of Irvington with Mitchell Bard

March 24, 2019

Journalism Professor at Iona College Mitchell Bard, visits Lenny and Neil to talk the 4C's: Mitchell's many loves and careers, College and Professor's in the current age, Sports and Life, and we do a Network Anchorman quiz.
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