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305 - Bisexual Kailey is a Man who Sometimes Enjoys Being a Woman

October 13, 2019

Strictly Anonymous

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304 - Wendy Hooks Up with Other Guys While her Husband Watches

October 6, 2019

Wendy has taken part in gang bangs, solo hook-ups with other guys, swapping scenarios  and more in front of her bisexual husband Chris (episode #304) and she calls in to talk all about it.  How long were they married before they opened up their relationship? What kind of guys is she into and what doesn’t she like to do with them? How many typically show up to the gang-bangs and who sets them all up? How did she feel when she found out her husband Chris was bisexual? Tune in to find out, plus hear all about her kinky past which includes how and when she started swinging, how she worked as a church secretary and accidentally found out there were other swingers in the congregation, the swinging she did with her ex-husband, the full swap she had with with her bisexual husband and what exactly went down between all of them and a whole lot more.

303 - Bisexual Chris Lives out his Cuckold Fantasies with his Wife

September 29, 2019

Bisexual Chris lives out his cuckold fantasies with his wife and he calls in to talk all about it. When and how did he discover he was bisexual and when did he "come out" to his wife? How did he meet his like minded wife and was their relationship open from the get go? What kinds of cuckold fantasies do they live out and how do they go about setting them up? Tune in for all the details about the unfortunate incident that led to him figuring out he was bisexual, his early sexual experiences with guys, the gang bangs and one time hook-ups he has orchestrated for his wife, what he likes to watch his wife to do, what she's into sexually and a whole lot more. Bonus: Tune in to next weeks episode which will feature his wife Wendy who will be talking all about their relationship and her naughty past as well.

302 - Kandi Wants to Find a Guy who Will Accept her and her BDSM Lifestyle

September 22, 2019

Kandi really wants companionship in her life but she can't seem to find a guy who accepts her kinky bdsm ways and wants to date her. How kinky is she and what is she into that most men find hard to accept? Is she dealing with the madonna-whore complex or are there other issues blocking her from finding a boyfriend? And if so, what are they and how can she overcome them? Tune in to find out plus hear all about her messed up childhood which includes stories about her manipulative father and how he sexually abused her and many other family members, her mother who knew about the incest but did nothing about it, religion and how it played a part in the denial of her fathers pervasive pedophilia, how BDSM has helped her take back control of her sexuality and a whole lot more.

301 - Amber's Open Relationship with her Wife Isn't Working

September 15, 2019

Amber and her wife started out in an open relationship but when she recently hooked up with a guy, it didn't go over so well. Where did she meet the guy? What exactly went down between them? How did her wife react and how did she feel about the hook up? Is she still seeing him and if so, does her wife know about it? Tune in to find out plus hear all about Amber's crazy past which include she overcame both a heroin and alcohol addiction, how she use to hook up with guys and how she eventually realized she was homoromatic (she explains what that means) and started hooking up with women, how she came out of the closet and how her parents took the news, and a whole lot more.

300 - Tommy has Always Been into Pantyhose

September 8, 2019

Tommy calls in to discuss his pantyhose fetish and share all his hot pantyhose stories. When did he realize he was into pantyhose? How far has he taken his pantyhose fetish? Has it been easy for him to find a partner who accepts his fetish? Tune in to find out plus hear all about his hot experiences when he was very young with his teacher and how it shaped his interest in hose, what went down on the porch with his much older neighbor, what he use to do with his best friends mom's panties while no one was around and what went down when he massaged his friend's moms legs and a whole lot more.
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