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329 - Bigender Sam is now Transgender

March 29, 2020

Strictly Anonymous

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308 - Lauren is a Young Crossdresser Addicted to BBC

November 3, 2019

Lauren is living a very secret life as a young crossdresser who is is addicted to BBC (big black cock). How long has he been crossdressing? Why and how does he keep his crossdressing life a secret? When did he first start hooking up with guys and where does he meet them? Tune in for the details plus hear all about the first guy he met while crossdressing and how that relationship helped him, his many sugar daddies and how much he has made from them, the cop he recently started hooking up with and the guy who peed inside him, how he's been dating his girlfriend of three years and how he feels about her and a whole lot more. *If you'd like to contact Lauren, please email Lauren.1sexycd@yahoo.com

307 -Online Sex Worker Paisley Brown Can’t Stop Cheating on her Husband

October 27, 2019

Even though online sex worker Paisley Brown has an open relationship with her husband, she can’t stop having sex with guys who are off limits. How and when did they open their relationship? When and why did she start cheating on him? Who does she cheat on him with (hint: it’s guys he knows)? And, does she even feel bad about it? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how he cheated on her and how she dealt with it, he status of their sex and married life now, what she can do now to stop cheating on him, how she got into online sex work and how much she makes doing it plus a whole lot more. To contact Paisley Brown go to her twitter @paisleybrown11 all her contact info is there. And If you mention the show, she will send you free photos!

306 - 007 and his Girlfriend are Planning their First Threesome

October 20, 2019

007 recently found a girlfriend and they're about to have their first threesome and he calls in to talk all about it. How did he got her into it? How many times has he done it before? What are the rules he has to abide by and how does he feel about them? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how and why he plans on breaking one of the rules, the do's and don'ts of a threesome, tips on how to make a girl squirt and a whole lot more..

305 - Bisexual Kailey is a Man who Sometimes Enjoys Being a Woman

October 13, 2019

Bisexual Kailley is a man who sometimes wants to be a woman and he calls in to talk all about it. When did his desire to be a woman start? When did he have his first bisexual experience with a man as a woman? How does sex as a woman with a man differ from sex as a man with a woman? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the thee relationships he’s had  as a woman, twice with men and once with a woman and the relationship issues he’s having with his current wife who knows nothing about his female alter ego. Details include the foreplay he’s enjoyed with men, the cuckolding scenarios he’s experienced with his ex wife, the threesome they had with their doorman and a whole lot more. 

304 - Wendy Hooks Up with Other Guys While her Husband Watches

October 6, 2019

Wendy has taken part in gang bangs, solo hook-ups with other guys, swapping scenarios  and more in front of her bisexual husband Chris (episode #304) and she calls in to talk all about it.  How long were they married before they opened up their relationship? What kind of guys is she into and what doesn’t she like to do with them? How many typically show up to the gang-bangs and who sets them all up? How did she feel when she found out her husband Chris was bisexual? Tune in to find out, plus hear all about her kinky past which includes how and when she started swinging, how she worked as a church secretary and accidentally found out there were other swingers in the congregation, the swinging she did with her ex-husband, the full swap she had with with her bisexual husband and what exactly went down between all of them and a whole lot more.
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