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328 - Jason is Living out his Bisexual Fantasies with his Wife

March 22, 2020

Strictly Anonymous

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297 - Susan has Done it All Sexually

August 18, 2019

Susan has done it all sexually and she calls in to talk all about it. Tune in to hear all about her  threesomes, her fivesomes, her gang bangs with a double penetration, as well as a whole lot more. Need I say more? You don't want to miss episode.

296 - Lee's Secret Life as a Bisexual Crossdresser

August 11, 2019

Lee calls in to talk about his secret life as a bisexual crossdresser and how it's effected his marriage. How long has he been bisexual and how far has he gone with men? When did he realize he was into crossdressing and has he ever crossdressed in front of anyone? How much of his secret life does his wife know about and how did she react when she found out? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the time his wife busted him and how they got past it, how he was raped numerous times when he was younger and how it effected him, the toxic relationships his was in before he met his wife and a whole lot more.  Bonus: if you want to reach out to him after listening to his episode, you can email him at hubby2abbw@yahoo.com

295 - Don is a Voyeur with a Nylon Fetish

August 4, 2019

Don calls in to talk all about being a voyeur and to discuss his nylon fetish and how they both played out in his relationships. How early on did he realize he was a voyeur? What kind of things did he "watch" to turn himself on? When did he realize he had a nylon fetish and how far did he take it? Tune in for all the details which include stories about him and his first girlfriend who played into his "reverse undressing fantasy, the story behind the whole undressing fantasy, his wife, the exhibitionist and the pics they posted on XHamster and a whole lot more. *If you're into the same things as Don and want to chat to him about it, go over to the Strictly Anonymous Redit page and talk to him there: https://www.reddit.com/r/LetsTalkSAPodcast/  **Also, you can check out his XHamster page and contact him there as well: www.Xhamster.com/users/ScotsHighland 

294 - Marty is Having Kinky Sex with a Married Woman

July 28, 2019

Marty shows up to talk all about the kinky sex he’s having with a married woman he's known for only a couple of months. How did he meet her? How did they start hooking up? What exactly do they do together? Does her husband know? Tune in to find out plus hear all about his interest in light bondage and how he got her into it as well, the hang ups he has with s-e-x and what may be behind it, his fascination with Asian porn and a whole lot more. Plus, he reveals he is open to possibly exploring with guys and is looking for listeners to help him explore his bisexual fantasies. If you're interested, you can email him at martypodcast@yahoo.com 

293 - Steve is the Stag in a Hot Wife Couple

July 21, 2019

Steve calls in to talk about how he’s the stag in a hot wife couple. What is a stag? What does his hot wife do with other guys? And how involved is he in all the action? Tune in for all the details which include stories about their first vacation and how they managed to hook up with three different guys, how they met them and what his wife did with them, the swingers club they frequent and what do while there, what he's totally into and what he's not into and a whole lot more. Plus he talks all about how he quit drinking years ago, and how quitting has changed his life. 
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