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269 - We Love Two Sixty Nine ;p

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August 18, 2018

The Bailey Jay Show

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163 - Kermit Jagger

June 21, 2014

norm macdonald, the approval matrix, the jim norton show, video games, star wars

162 - Defense Wins Games; Offense Sells Tickets; Special Teams Gives You The Intangible

June 12, 2014

Keith is back. Gerry Visco call in. Power outage. Jake Fogelnest calls in. Sports!

161 - Robert Kelly Calls in The Show

June 6, 2014

Bobby kelly Calls in and talks to us about life

160 - Looser Assholes

May 29, 2014

talk about so many things without keith

159 - Best of Both Worlds

May 15, 2014

We shoot the shit about Ween and moving. Take calls and all that shit.
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