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148 - My Trip to Ohio State University

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April 24, 2019

Band Geek

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097 - Blue Oyster Cult Gear Walkthrough

December 11, 2016

You guys requested it and we delivered! In this episode, Richie takes us through the equipment that Blue Oyster Cult uses for their live shows. This includes interviews from the band and crew, plus a few extras not included in the YouTube video.

096 - A Tribute To Sharon Jones

November 27, 2016

Richie sits with his dad John & his uncle Phil, to pay tribute to the life of their long time friend & bandmate, Sharon Jones. Richie also surprises them with a never-before-released version of Sharon singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" with their band.

095 - Q's and A's with Richie and Jarrett

November 13, 2016

Richie and Jarrett take to the YouTubes once again to answer fan questions about Richie's new Helix, how to create a specific guitar tone, and how to properly slappa da bass.

094 - Ann Marie's Birthday Jams

November 6, 2016

For Ann Marie's birthday, we threw not one, but TWO parties! A jazz gig in Brooklyn and a house party with a spontaneous live-streaming jazz session in the Band Geek studio. Richie recounts the week's events while playing clips from both performances.

093 - Speed of Sound: A Chronological History

October 23, 2016

Join Richie and the Andys as they watch old VHS tapes of their high school gigs. The video for this entire episode is up on our YouTube channel. Go to youtube.com/bandgeekpodcast to watch it.
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