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Band Geek 144 - The Bohemian Rhapsody Opera Section: A Harmonic Analysis

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January 13, 2019

Band Geek

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038 - The Encore Grand Finale

March 22, 2015

It's the thrilling conclusion of our head to head game of Encore! Who will dominate?! Who will come out on top?! What other songs do we have no idea what the lyrics are?! You could cut the tension with a guitar string!...RiotCast.com

037 - Encore

March 15, 2015

We're setting the record this week for the most played songs on Band Geek so far, by engaging in a battle royale! We are challenged to the game of Encore! Are you ready to see how many words to a song we actually know? Cause we sure weren't...RiotCast.com

036 - Rock Legends Cruise

March 8, 2015

Ahoy Mateys! This week Richie regales Jarrett with tales of rockin' on the high seas! Also, can mother nature and a cruise plague stop a BOC show from happening? Tune in to find out!...RiotCast.com

035 - Jennifer Candy

February 22, 2015

With our sweetest guest so far, Jennifer (daughter of comedy legend John Candy) & Jarrett reminisce about working together in Chicago. We're also treated to some wonderful stories about her dad & hear about her newest venture, Couch Candy!

034 - The Katy Bowl

February 8, 2015

So you thought we were just Band Geeks? Well this week we give the play by play of the biggest football game of the year! Luckily for us, there was a Katy Perry concert in the middle. Grab your Left Shark, it's time for fireworks...RiotCast.com
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