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129 - Live Band Karaoke with The Hole

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December 10, 2017

Band Geek

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018 - Dungeons & Dragons

September 21, 2014

In the ULTIMATE crossover event, the Band Geeks journey to RiotCast Studio headquarters to battle alongside fellow podcasters from The Hole in a quest to rescue the princess from The Dark Castle. Armed with swords and kazoos...we ride! RiotCast.com

017 - John Miceli & Danny Miranda Returns Part 2

September 14, 2014

In Part 2 of our epic session with drummer John Miceli we learn about the ancient art of Food Drumming. We also hear about John's gear and touring history, and the boys rock out on some Rainbow, Meatloaf, and Queen. RiotCast.com

016 - John Miceli & Danny Miranda Returns Part 1

September 7, 2014

Richie & Andy are on location at John Miceli's studio with our pal Danny Miranda. John's credits include Meatloaf, Rainbow, and My Chemical Romance. The guys jam on some Meatloaf & Blue Oyster Cult tunes. Leave the drums, take the cannoli... RiotCast.com

015 - Sensei Mike DoCampo

August 31, 2014

We sit down this week with Mike DoCampo, the Jedi Master who instructed Richie. Step out with us for some Bluesbreakers, Traveling Wilburys, Eagles, and some Cream on top! This Way to Eden.

014 - #MoreKazoo

August 24, 2014

You asked for it. You knew this episode was coming. But you still won't be prepared for it's saxiness. RiotCast.com
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