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110 - Tom Brislin

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April 23, 2017

Band Geek

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074 - Ann Marie is a Disney Princess

May 1, 2016

Bonjour! In a Beast of an episode it's all about Ann Marie as we celebrate our secret love of the Disney musical. With our bud Jason Wexler we take you on a magic carpet ride, under the sea, & to a little French town where everyone's a dick. It's magical.

073 - Live Q&A with Richie & Jarrett

April 24, 2016

Richie & Jarrett take some fan questions & we learn about how Richie prepares for a gig, how Jarrett prepares to kazoo, & we get a detailed tour and demo of Richie's recent Agents of Fortune rig. Also by popular request, there's some Ann Marie.....

072 - Encore Rematch (Live on Twitch)

April 17, 2016

In our first ever live streamed episode, Ann Marie and Jarrett go head to head once again in the game of Encore. With the help of our internet fans, who arose victorious? What songs were sung? Whose friendships collapsed? The answer to all 3 is Rosanna...

071 - Batman v Superman Review

April 3, 2016

With the help of our Super Friends Adam and Ray, we don't give you the movie review you need, but the movie review you deserve. Somehow we talked longer than the film's actual running time. Grab a glass of Granny's Peach Tea and join us won't you?

070 - Tribute to Keith Emerson

March 27, 2016

This week we celebrate the life of our hero, Keith Emerson, of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Richie and the Andys share stories of being high school prog rock snobs while attempting to play a song from their old set list.
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