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The FINAL Episode! 12/22/15

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December 23, 2015

The Davey Mac Sports Program

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Return of Sports!!! 08/08/14

August 8, 2014

The guys return from collective rehab, Kevin Love & LeBron James, Tom Coughlin, ESPN shenanigans, Hard Knocks, goodness and badness, Evil Things, babies, the Garden State Parkway, and more AWESOMENESS on this spectacular episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

We Are All Stars! 07/15/14

July 15, 2014

MLB All Star Game, the Bestles, madness, pot, Bob Dylan, the Vikings, and much more tremendous ness on this fantastic episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

We Are The Truth Seekers! 07/08/14

July 9, 2014

LeBron Mania, Beatle Mania, Dave Mania, Drunk Mania, Pot Mania, and much more awesome mania on this maniacal episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Rock And Roll Part 3 (We Rule)!! 07/01/14

July 1, 2014

Special musical guest Irwin Thomas hangs out, World Cup madness, Americans, evil people from Belgium, Donald Sterling, Jason Kidd, tickling strangers on the bus commute into Manhattan, getting kicked off the bus for tickling strangers, becoming a male prostitute on 53rd and 3rd in order to pay to drive into Manhattan, MLB story-lines thus far, and more sports brilliance on this amazing episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

The World Cupeth In Your Face! 06/24/14

June 24, 2014

World Cup, nonsense, LeBron's new Decision, freaks, silly songs, hookers, Wimbledon, and more greatness on this phenomenal episode of award-winning Davey Mac Sports Program!
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