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132 - Machi Said Sam Smells...

September 11, 2019

Keeping Joe

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066 – The Return of Mark Normand

June 6, 2018

The gang gathers around the mics this week to discuss the issues. Liz is out this week, but her chair is filled in by friend of the show and New York icon Mark Normand. Mark and Sam talk their Clusterfest weekend, and the podcasts 1-star rating. The gang weighs in on the Samantha Bee controversy and where the line is between funny and offensive. Should Roseanne have been cancelled while Samantha Bee stays on the air? Find out right now! @keepingjoe @sammorril @joemachi @philmhanley @marknorm @nyccomedycellar

065 – Jon Laster is back!

May 30, 2018

The gang gathers around the mics this week to discuss the issues, and is joined by long time friend of the show, comedian Jon Laster! The gang chats about the recent weekend at the Comedy Cellar Vegas, the recent cancelling of Roseanne, and the controversial firing of Jon Laster for doing a Trump joke. If you’re wondering how the current political climate affects modern day comedy, this episode is full of insights and anecdotes about navigating humor in such a tense space. Did Roseanne deserve to get cancelled, and did Jon Laster’s joke go to far? Tune in now to find out! Note: There is an unusual audio blip 17:53 @keepingjoe @sammorril @joemachi @philmhanley @hewasfunny @nyccomedycellar

064 – Tequila Liz

May 29, 2018

The gang gathers around the mics this week to discuss the issues. Sam talks about his first taste of being a comedy mentor, Phil deliberates his airline issues, and Machi weighs in the most annoying lawyer in America. This ep is packed with some brand new songs and the debut of “Tequila Liz”. Why not tune in now? @keepingjoe @sammorril @joemachi @philmhanley @nyccomedycellar

063 – “Don’t Scroll” with Colin Smith

May 16, 2018

The gang is joined this week by the incredibly talented singer/ songwriter and “The Voice of Keeping Joe” Colin Smith. The gang dives into the recent allegations of Phil showing the Comedy Cellar booker illicit images on his phone. Colin talks about touring with Christina Aguilera in Azerbaijan, and even turns Machi into a pop star. If you’re a fan of the Keeping Joe soundtrack, this episode is packed with some hits. Tune in now! @keepingjoe @sammorril @joemachi @philmhanley @@colinsmithmusic @nyccomedycellar

062 – Bonus Episode: Mike Lawrence

May 11, 2018

The gang is joined this week by roast battle winner and Inside Amy Schumer writer, Mike Lawrence! Mike and the team talk about the white house correspondence dinner, roasting the amazing Ralphie May, and some hot cellar goss. It’s not Wednesday, but you’re getting a little bonus ep, so why not tune in now? @keepingjoe @sammorril @joemachi @philmhanley @themikelawrence @nyccomedycellar
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