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EP404 – Tom Cotter

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January 28, 2020

Dante Nero's Man School 202

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Ep169 – Kain Carter

August 18, 2015

Youtube superstar is in the studio as we attempt to squash the beef over the Patrice O’neal joke theft debate. We talk integrity, growing as a person, breaking girls combination, not jerking off, plus listener mail.

Ep168 - Jeffrey Gurian

August 11, 2015

Comedian, writer and confirmed bunny hunter Jeffrey Gurian is back to help us explore: Why it all comes down to fear, adjusting your mind, getting over fear, What Would Dante Dos, being comfortable with, yourself, dealing with disrespectful dudes, and making the rules apply to outside life.

Ep167 – Wali Collins

August 4, 2015

From Comedy Central and MTV, the great Wali Collins is here as we talk: Doing stuff with your chick, divorce, the value of men vs women, protecting your manhood at all costs, the right energy, and learning from mistakes.

Ep166 – Rell Battle

July 28, 2015

Comedian, Rell Battle returns to help us examine: giving it your all. Conquering fear, making time bringing a chick up,

Ep165 – Corrine Fisher

July 21, 2015

From the Guy’s We Fucked podcast, comedian Corrine Fisher Joins the show as we discuss: Self esteem, cutting, casual sex, strong men, sifting through the nonsense, women being funny, and Cat-calling.
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