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Show 280

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September 22, 2017

The Pete and Sebastian Show

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Show 212 The Wallet

March 18, 2016

Pete has an amazing reaction to finding a stranger's wallet and Sebastian hangs with Bill Burr in hilarious new episode!

Show 211 Regan, Danza, & Seinfeld

March 11, 2016

The guys separately spend time with Brian Regan, Tony Danza, and Jerry Seinfeld! Hear all about it in this hilarious new episode!

Show 210

March 4, 2016

Sebastian has an interesting ritual before love making and Pete came up with another "Italian Take" segment in this hilarious new episode!

Show 209 Danza

February 26, 2016

Sebastian reveals the iconic actor who will play his sitcom father and Pete delivers an ode to The Walking Dead in this hilarious new episode!

Show 208

February 19, 2016

Pete and Sebastian give their "Italian Take" on current events including stories about men's games in the shower and cheap Valentines gifts in this hilarious new episode!
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