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Show 280

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September 22, 2017

The Pete and Sebastian Show

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Show 178 Happy BDay Sebastian

July 10, 2015

It's Sebastian's birthday and they have stories about getting slapped by a child, Pete taking over his neighborhood, pranking JJ Watt, and many more in this hilarious new episode!

Show 177

July 2, 2015

To-Do Lists, hanging with comedians, fighting a hillbilly, Jimmie JJ Walker, and celebrating America's birthday in this hilarious new episode!

Show 176

June 26, 2015

Sebastian has the hotel stay of his life and Pete disagrees in this hilarious new episode!

Show 175

June 19, 2015

Pete hangs out with DJ Lou and Jimmy From Boston and Sebastian reads an old letter from his agent in this hilarious new episode!

Show 174 NYC

June 12, 2015

Pete and Sebastian meet up in NYC to tape the show with DJ Lou and it doesn't go well!
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