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Show 274

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August 11, 2017

The Pete and Sebastian Show

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Show 232

September 6, 2016

Pete gives us a peek inside the writer's room and Sebastian gets his first billboard on Sunset Boulevard in this hilarious new episode!

Show 231

August 19, 2016

Sebastian reveals a very personal plan for the fertility clinic and Pete has an idea on how to run faster in the Olympics in this hilarious new episode!

Show 230

August 12, 2016

Pete & Sebastian cover these topics: Snobs in the Hamptons, Olympic events, and "when is it okay to take your shirt off?" Plus so many more funny stories in this new episode!

Show 229-The Gala

August 7, 2016

Pete introduces Sebastian for The Comedian of the Year Award and one of them breaks down! Hear the actual audio in this hilarious new episode!!!

Show 227

July 15, 2016

Pete adjusts to the city life again and they talk about Pokemon, Sebastian's mom's crush, and hot guys in this hilarious new episode!
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