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241 - The Fuck

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August 16, 2017

The Bailey Jay Show

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219 - "Exuberant Amount of Fear"

July 19, 2016

more shadow figures, ufos, nasa, the rake, handpan, and so much more!!! We also read your awesome emails!

218 - Shadowy Figures

July 13, 2016

Flag mentality, crop circles, message from space, more possessions, lay lines, and more! Plus we read your emails. baileyjayshow.com

217 - Human Salsa

July 6, 2016

flying humanoids, interdimmensional beings, abductees, steve roomba, we read your emails

216 - The Whole World's a Graveyard

June 28, 2016

School children in Peru get demonized. Men in black. Ingrid Cold. We read your email. baileyjayshow.com

215 - Exorcisms and Good vs. Evil

June 21, 2016

we talk about exorcisms and good vs. evil
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