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The Comedy Express

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July 15, 2018

Robert Kelly: You Know What Dude?

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Wooden Spoon

July 8, 2018

Mike YKWD: Rich Vos Paul Virzi and the return of the beloved Gary Gulman on this Independence Day YKWD! Bobby’s thumb, Mush’s face, Rich’s hat, what’s a semicolon for? This episode is packed!

Upfront Milk

July 1, 2018

The Legendary Legend Rich Vos is Bobby’s guest as we go over comedy free speech, Kathy Griffin's comeback and docile poultry! Vos is on fire, the couch gets weird, it’s an amazing ep!

Muppet Shoe

June 24, 2018

Bobby’s back from Father’s Day camping for a hot YKWD with Joe List and Katie Hannigan in studio! It’s ghetto campers, angry comedy patrons, the latest in female pleasure tech, it’s more than Mushys fat fingers can keep up with!

Suicide Calzone

June 17, 2018

Bobby is joined by Cumtown's Nick Mullen and Stavros Halkias this week to talk suicide, comedy meltdowns and how to pee with a boner!

Made in America

June 10, 2018

Paul Virzi, Forrest Shaw and Robby Slowick join us to chat about shit that's made in America, pussy guns, guns in pussies, American made guns in American grown pussies and anal polyps! Very light and fun topics!

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