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170 - Fifty Shades Of Vaginal Discharge

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February 9, 2015

Why You Suck In Bed

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169 - Interview With The Vajankle

February 2, 2015

TP interviews Dr. Stacy; Valentine's Day sex toys for couples; meet the Vajankle; Paige's alien toe and tampon boots; take a look into John's scrap-booking; fisting for charity; postal sex; having one's penis cut off - twice; and so much more...

168 - Here Comes The Blurt

January 26, 2015

Paige shocks the Southern Gentleman (and The Johnimal) with her "number"; a century old brothel menu; putting out the call for any "two dogs in a bathtub" enthusiasts; first time fucking directions; John proposes the creation of a menses sex schedule; Paige gets a suspicious massage; unsatisfying oral; naked and shamed - hide your face or genitals?; and so much more...

167 - A Gateway Drug to Horse Penis

January 19, 2015

again, like the bad herpes, just when you thought it was gone forever, WYSIB is back; Paige cuts a stallion loose from her stable and deals with a stalker; what really happens to you when you are unfriended on Facebook; "Glee" actors and showering; "gambling" on a first date; John's search for the perfect condom; pearls of beastiality wisdom from The Johnimal; more squirt talk; and so much more...

166 - Swinging And Gods Amongst Mortal Men

December 22, 2014

Paige goes to a swingers party, and John plans to crash the next one; faking orgasms; "warning" your ex's new significant other about your ex; fighting your twin over a vibrator; outdoor naked masturbation; and more...

165 - Vagina Au Gratin

December 15, 2014

Dr. Stacy updates; John experiences TP's own personal black hole; two guys from Paige's stable meet up, igniting a double penetration discussion; storing baked goods in underwear; Paige can't get a rim job; the xmas season's most popular "instruments of sex"; the crew try to help a guy in love with a married woman; potato contraception; sex on a corpse bed; anus shaped lodging; and more...
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