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Fame Fat

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February 23, 2020

Robert Kelly: You Know What Dude?

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Dumb Deluise

February 16, 2020

We have Adam Ferrara, Paul Virzi and Rich Vos all in for a killer episode! What's wrong with Vos' foot, what size is mans bed and what did we think of the Academy Awards!

Excuse Me

February 9, 2020

We're joined by Justin Silver in this edition of YKWD! What's the best way to audition, what side effects are there to weight loss, and we get a look at a perfect D Pick!

Getto Gaggers

February 2, 2020

We've got Monroe Martin and Mike Feeney in to go over VR porn and opinions and New Years celebration plans!

Goodbye Jasper

January 26, 2020

We're joined by Joe List and Mike Cannon this week to talk the release of Cannon's new special on YouTube, the best way to maintain your undercarriage (shout out Manscaped!) and say goodbye to Mush's dog Jasper. 

Barrier Of Entry

January 19, 2020

YKWD returns with Bobby testing out his new Oculus Quest with guests Ian Fidance and Mike Feeney!

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