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Vos' Dead Ear

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February 18, 2018

Robert Kelly: You Know What Dude?

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Yogi Brown

February 11, 2018

Rich Vos and and surprise drop in Yamaneika Saunders join Bobby for our V-Day episode to talk about post marriage bed patterns, spousal kissing, and Yami's current war with the internet! Duuude!

Scoop Towards You

February 4, 2018

Guests Andrew Schulz, Justin Silver and Liza Treyger join Bobby for a hectic discussion of letting bygones be bygones! Enemies become friends, friends become enemies, Justin kicks a chair!

Ketchup Spit

January 28, 2018

Bobby’s joined by Jaye McBride, Jared Freid and Joe List for a talk about crazy football fans, comedy audience attacks and places you can put your finger!

Russian Doll Wife Beaters

January 21, 2018

Bobby is joined by The Bayridge Boys Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas and comics Mike Vecchione and Cort McCown to discuss deep meditation, catholic tattoos, and where Chris's loyalties lay. Surprise Chris, it's Sophie's Choice! Who will he choose?

Turtle Feet

January 14, 2018

Bobby’s joined by Jim Norton, Bonnie McFarlane, and Liz Furiati as we clear the air, settle rumors and try to find out why Bonnie doesn’t have a TV show!

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