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113: Shane Mauss has a good trip

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March 23, 2017

The Laugh Button

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037 - Derek Waters, creator of Drunk History

October 1, 2015

Comedy news explodes all over the place as we attended the sneak peeks to "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" and "Benders." If that wasn't enough Derek Waters, the creator and star of "Drunk History" joins us on the podcast to talk about the show and what its like to tell history while, ya know, drunk.

036 - Andrew Schulz from IFC's Benders

September 24, 2015

Big news this week and the Muppets are back! Also big news is we have comedian Andrew Schulz on the podcast to talk about his new IFC TV show Benders (premiering 10/1) and MTV's Guy Code. Schulz talks about his new show and about life as a comedian.

035 - Seth Herzog and his sweet comedy skills

September 17, 2015

Comedian Seth Herzog joins us to talk about his long running comedy show Sweet, the alternative comedy scene in the city, his career in comedy, and warming up for Fallon. In the news, all hell broke loose for Steve Rannazzisi, and what could this mean for him.

034 - Dave Hill takes us back to school

September 10, 2015

It's back to school week and Mark and Matt talk about important things like the movie that shares that name. Colbert returns to TV, Lucille Ball sees a revival, and Matt knows who would portray him in a biopic. Comedian Dave Hill joins us to discuss his career in comedy and his many, many, projects including his new album, writing the theme song for "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," and the proper way to hip check joggers.

033 - Josh Gondelman is here this week today

September 3, 2015

Mark and Matt discuss their recent trip to see a test show of Late Show with Stephen Colbert before it premieres. Then, keeping with the late night theme, comedian Josh Gondelman joins us for an interview. Josh has a new book and is also a writer on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver who oversaw the show’s deployment into being a web powerhouse. Also, we give a shout out to our listeners who helped Matt find something he’d been looking for for a long time.
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