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113: Shane Mauss has a good trip

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March 23, 2017

The Laugh Button

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107: We are not mad at Joe List

February 2, 2017

Matt welcomes Metal Insider’s Editor In Chief Bram Teitelman on the show to co-host as they talk about how comedy got a bit political this week as we breakdown Jon Stewart making a return to late night, Neal Brennan dropping some politics, and how this is all shaking out. The comedian Joe List joins us for an interview about his life in comedy, particularly his last year on the road opening for Louis C.K., his album Are You Mad At Me? and his weekly podcast, Tuesdays With Stories that he co-hosts with his buddy Mark Normand. Download, review, tell a friend.

106: Stephen Lynch's old heart

January 26, 2017

Matt and Mark start things off with a tangent about Super Mario Bros. leading to the very important discussion of who would portray our favorite video game heroes if a live action movie were to be made today. The after that debate is settled, comedian and musician Stephen Lynch swings by the TLB Towers to talk to us. Lynch is currently out on the road testing out some new tunes as part of The My Old Heart Tour. The night before the interview, The Laugh Button presented a show of his in front of a sold out crowd in New Jersey. Lynch and his bandmate Rod Cone break it all down for us - the tour, his history, his future, and the the unfinished symphony that is the Dickface! Download, review, tell a friend.

105: Cristela Alonzo is Lower Classy

January 19, 2017

Matt and Mark talk about the “big dog” comedians on the heels of a very large announcement about Jerry Seinfeld. Then, they weigh in on the odds of an Eddie Murphy return to stand-up comedy. Comedian Cristela Alonzo then joins us to talk about her time on her sitcom, Cars 3, and her new Netflix special, Lower Classy. The conversation might also decay into total fandom. Download, review, tell a friend.

104: Carrie Keagan swears that everybody curses

January 12, 2017

Mark and Matt breakdown the trailer for I’m Dying Up Here. Showtime’s new series centered around stand-up comedy in 1970s Los Angeles after that we talk about the abundance of stand-up comedy coming to streaming platforms. Our guest Carrie Keagan then joins us to talk about her new book, Everybody Curses, I Swear. A book about her time hanging out with Hollywood types as she’s interviewed them over the years.

103: Sarah Colonna brings out the rally monkey

January 5, 2017

Happy New Year to you all! Mark and Matt return after a few weeks off for the first podcast of 2017. Yay! We made it? After a recap of their lives they talk about what’s in store for the new year. Then they welcome comedian Sarah Colonna to the podcast. During a recent visit to NYC, Sarah Colonna stopped by to catch up with us. Colonna is an accomplished comedian with a stand-up comedy special, I Can’t Feel My Legs, she was a writer for Chelsea Lately and has written two books – Life As I Blow It and Has Anyone Seen My Pants? Download, review, tell a friend.
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