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126: Superhero Fantasy Draft 2017 live from NY Comic Con

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October 12, 2017

The Laugh Button

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120: Jon Glaser hunts werewolves

May 11, 2017

H'yump! Jon Glaser drops by for an interview about season 2 of his Adult Swim TV show, "Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter." The show is returning for a second season on May 22nd and with it comes more eyepatches, more guns with blades, and more neon green. Glaser tells us what to expect and talks about some of his other great TV shows like "Delocated" and "Jon Glaser Loves Gear." It's a total blast.... geaaaarrrr!

119: Chris Gethard talks about Career Suicide

May 4, 2017

Chris Gethard is about to make the biggest leap of his career and it's with, "Career Suicide." A one-man show about his battle with depression beginning in his teenage years at college and how he worked his way back to where he is today. Fully aware of his mental illness and making a show that he wishes was available to him when he was in college. Chris has a similar background as host Matt Kleinschmidt, so there's an instant report as they talk about growing up blue collar in New Jersey, Rutgers University, and the scene that put Gethard on his current path. Subscribe, rate, review, and share.

118: Anthony DeVito is having a moment

April 27, 2017

Comedian Anthony DeVito is having a moment. In about a month's time he landed his first late night stand-up spot, earned a half hour on Comedy Central and got passed at one of New York's most legendary comedy clubs. To say things are looking up for him are an understatement. But he started years before that, he attended comedy clubs as a child and got the stand-up spark, one that lasted him through college, travel, and even a moment of homelessness. We break it all down and hopefully introduce you to one of your favorite new comedians.

117: Jim Tews was in band

April 20, 2017

Matt and Bram are joined by Nick DeSimone on the podcast this week as they learn all about his secret talent. We discuss comedy movie sequels and Netflix. We’re then joined by comedian Jim Tews, who just released his debut comedy album, I Was In Band. Jim stares stories about his time in middle school band, his time in the Coast Guard, starting stand-up comedy in Cleveland, then we go deep into great comedy clubs. It’s a kickass episode that you need to tell all your friends about.

116: Tim Dillon is going to hell

April 13, 2017

We're coming in hot this episode. If you want to ease into a podcast, this is not the right one for you. Bram and Matt start right off with the barbs as they welcome Olivia Timm onto the show to give the "Millennial Point of View" whatever that is. Then Tim Dillon sits down with Matt to talk about how jury duty made him realize he wanted to be a comedian, giving unorthodox tours of NYC, the super-rich, politics, and a conspiracy theory or two. It's a wild conversation from front to back. Subscribe, rate, and tell a friend.
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