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125: Spoilers with Monroe Martin

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June 15, 2017

The Laugh Button

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029 - PUP joins us from Warped Tour

August 6, 2015

Another dispatch from Warped Tour where the Canadian rock band PUP speak with us. They're big comedy fans and totally great people. Mark and Matt run down the news of the day including Amy Schumer on gun control, Monty Python, and the legacy of Jon Stewart.

027 - Just For Laughs with Steve Byrne

July 30, 2015

We're sharing stories from the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. The biggest comedy festival in the world. Good times were had, from roasts judged, one man shows, and a bit of Goddamn comedy jamming. While there, we caught up with comedian Steve Byrne who was in town along with countless other comedians.

026 - The Life And Times of Jamie Kaler

July 23, 2015

Matt and Mark talk about comedy movies in the box office. Emmy awards, what new specials are happening. Our guest, Jamie Kaler joins from our recent trip to the West Coast. We discuss his career in comedy, from an extra on Friends to starring in a TV series. It's been a fun trip.

026 - Paid or Pain with Lisa Ann and Jay Nog

July 16, 2015

Iconic porn star Lisa Ann joins us with her comedy business partner Jay Nog. Lisa Ann and Jay discuss their NYC comedy show, "Paid or Pain" which is kicking off its next show on Friday, July 17th at 11:30pm. Lisa tells stories from her career, portraying Sarah Palin in XXX films, fantasy sports, and life after porn. In the news, Mark and Matt talk about safety in comedy clubs and who ultimately responsible. Is it the clubs, the comics, the fans, or everyone?

025 - Motion City Soundtrack join us from Warped Tour

July 9, 2015

Mark and Matt welcome the Justin and Josh from band Motion City Soundtrack fresh off their performance at The Warped Tour. We talk about music, comedy, and what it’s like being veterans of the tour. In the news, everyone has a new special, TV developments are all over the place, and there’s even more to add to the Bill Cosby story.
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