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126: Superhero Fantasy Draft 2017 live from NY Comic Con

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October 12, 2017

The Laugh Button

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095: Shane Torres hits the road

November 10, 2016

The Election is over and the world is still standing. Mark and Matt wonder how it will effect Saturday Night Live. Then, they discuss the Naked Gun movies, and how watching them as an adult nets different jokes than watching as a child. They then welcome comedian Shane Torres onto the show to talk about how he’s working to make it in stand-up comedy. Sometimes it’s the grind that makes you great.

094: Kids In The Hall’s Kevin McDonald live from The SONOS Store

November 3, 2016

We’re live from The SONOS Store in New York as we welcome Kevin McDonald. A founding member of The Kids In The Hall sketch comedy troupe. The team responsible for one of the most influential sketch comedy shows of all time. It’s a total lovefest as McDonald tells our hosts Mark and Matt how it was starting out in Canada, he shared fun behind-the-scenes stories, why they consider their time with the troupe comedy nirvana. We also discuss Kevin’s his new music-themed podcast which then prompts us to have a bit of a music geek out as we discuss some of our favorite bands, the best era of music to be a teenager in and who some of his dream guests are. Listen, subscribe, tell your friends.

093: Baron Vaughn’s nerdy ways

October 27, 2016

Mark is back from his travels abroad and Matt fills him in on what he’s missed in pop culture while he was out. Particularly the recent reboot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that aired on FOX this past week. They then welcome comedian/actor Baron Vaughn to the podcast. Baron was recently cast as Tom Servo on the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Baron is a nerd and just recently started to describe himself as that. Thought the description is a recent revelation, you’ll find that his roots in nerd culture go way back to his childhood.

092: Norman Lear, just another version of you

October 20, 2016

Mark is in Japan this week so Bram Teitelman, the Editor In Chief of our sister site, Metal Insider joins us to talk about comedy in politics. We also dive into the Spinal Tap lawsuit filed this week. Then, comedy legend Norman Lear joins us to talk about the American Masters PBS documentary, Just Another Version of You which premieres this week and covers the life and expansive career of the 94 year-old producer.

091: Almond Badoody with Ahmed Bharoocha

October 13, 2016

Mark and Matt both had an encounter with Steven Merchant this past weekend at NY Comic Con. The only problem is, Mark remembers it much entirely different than Matt does. While they don't really come to a conclusion, they do recap the Superhero Fantasy Draft. Comedian Ahmed Bharoocha is about to release his debut comedy album for Comedy Central. This is in conjunction with his Half Hour set to also air this weekend as well. Ahmed offers a few alternate pronunciations of his name as we talk about the art of comedy.
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