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126: Superhero Fantasy Draft 2017 live from NY Comic Con

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October 12, 2017

The Laugh Button

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090: Derek Waters returns! More Drunk, More History

October 6, 2016

Derek Waters returns to the podcast for another hang. We talk about what to expect in season 4 of his hit show, Drunk History which just premiered on Comedy Central. Waters talks about his diehard love for a good story, how the show has reconnected him with his childhood teacher, and who is still on his list to have on the show. Subscribe, rate, review, and tell your friends.

089: Andrew Santino is Dying Up Here

September 29, 2016

This week Andrew Santino joins the podcast to talk about his new show coming to Showtime called "I'm Dying Up Here" about the comedy scene in L.A. during the 70's. Mark and Matt talk about their upcoming New York Comic Con panel and all of the shows The Laugh Button are presenting throughout the rest of the year. Subscribe, rate, review, tell a friend.

088: Lisa Lampanelli returns!

September 22, 2016

This week Lisa Lampanelli returns to the podcast to talk about her new play, "Stuffed." Lampanelli also earns the distinction of being the first returning guest to the podcast. In addition to Stuffed talk, Mark and Matt talk about comedy tours and there are a lot of them. Most notably, Robert Kelly's "True Story" tour which The Laugh Button is presenting. Subscribe, rate, review, tell a friend.

087: Comedy legacies and Daniel Sloss

September 15, 2016

Mark and Matt geek out a bit about comedy, what makes some go down as legends and what makes some disappear into the annals of history. Comedian Daniel Sloss then joins us to talk about his rocketing career and how he approaches taking it to the United States. Rate, subscribe and tell your friends.

086: About them roasts, and Caleb Synan

September 8, 2016

This week, the Roast of Rob Lowe happened, and well, Lowe isn't the appearance everyone is talking about. Mark and Matt discuss the history of the roasts and try to determine what makes them best. Our guest comedian this week is Caleb Synan. He sits down and breaks down comedy, the best kind of interviews.
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