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615 - Call of Duty Passive Warfare

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June 19, 2019

Video Game Outsiders

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555 - Cults, Storms, and Video Games

April 4, 2018

The Show 18, Star Trek Bridge Crew, Far Cry Arcade, A guy from Montana talks cults and Wild Wild Country on Netflix, We check in with Jose and his living hell in Puerto Rico without power, Ready Player One, Mighty Number 9, Mario + Rabbids, Xcom 2, Splatoon dos, PunchOut, Warcraft Chronicles, Fortnite and PUBb debate, Xbox News, bloated Grandmas, and go premium on vgo.libsyn.com or our mobile app to win a set of our trading cards!

554 - Far Crybabies

March 28, 2018

Far Cry 5 reviews, A Way Out, The Council, Call of Duty: Irish mode, Sea of Thieves John Vs Matt Round 7, Michelle has a diabetic bear, and more gaming news!

553 - Burning Rubber (and Nintendo Switches)

March 21, 2018

H1Z1 Auto Royale, Candleman, Suicide Guy, Onechanbara, Fornite and PUBg mobile, Sea of Thieves launch, Atari Box, and Game Store Guy stops by to tell us about his bricked Switch. Plus your voice-mail and tons of gaming news!

552 - Rat Men, Talking Buckets, Fortnite Mobile!

March 14, 2018

Vermintide 2, Ghost of a Tale, God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro, Fortnite on your phones, COD Season Pass, Mr. Robot Echo game, Sims mobile, Sea of Thieves debate. Plus TheGamersons.com, Super Smash Brothers on the Switch, and more exciting news!

551 - Theft, Lies, and Video Tape

March 7, 2018

Operation Chimera and Outbreak Rainbow Six Siege, Ion Maiden, Far Cry 5 movie, Golem Gates, Curse of Castilla, Game Store Guy and The Curious Case of the Stolen Mario Candy, Moss PSVR, Turok 2, BF1 meets BF5, and more gaming news!
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