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630 - People's Republic of Blizzard

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October 9, 2019

Video Game Outsiders

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549 - Remastered! Feat Hardware Canucks

February 20, 2018

Past Cure, The Station, Fe, Bayonetta, Dmitry from Hardware Canucks, Super Seducer Giveaway, and we chat about remastered titles. Plus John burps, Jose loses power again, and Michelle is watching eSports.

548 - Happy Saint Kingdom Come Day

February 14, 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Monster Energy Super Cross, Descenders, X-files mobile game, Wulerblade and Sprint Vector Giveaway, We Were Here Too, Google getting a console, Nintendo Gold, and BF Hardline revisted. Plus the WoW cookbook, a rare Zelda letter opener, and an unwanted guest named Cupid.

547 - Hairy Backs.

February 7, 2018

Shadow of the Colossus, The Red Strings Club, 400 NES games, The Dwarves, Outlast 2/Dead babies talk with Tedakin, Sea of Thieves and What Remains of Edith Finch revisted. Plus grinding, grabbing, and hairy backs?

546 - No Man's Water

January 31, 2018

Sea of Thieves, Monster Hunter: World, Subnautica, Celeste, Zelda and Quantum Break revisted, the Blizzard Fun Police, plus MS and Xbox buying up companies?

545 - Cardboard Dreams

January 24, 2018

Metal Gear Survive, Darwin Project, Nintendo Labo, Xbox Games Pass, Blizzard World in Overwatch, SOS, Mutant Football League, My Time at Portia, and Fortnite PVE: is it worth it? Plus we are giving away BF1 for XBOX, Mario Cereal, John's new professional mic vs Michelle's new wireless headphones and more PUBG on console / Ghost Recon PvP thoughts. Don't miss our gaming news with "Game Store Guy" CCgames!
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