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660 - Joe DeRosa's Quest

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May 26, 2020

Video Game Outsiders

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565 - E3 Royale

June 13, 2018

We breakdown the winners and losers of E3 2018. Plus Jurassic World Evolution, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, Realm Royale, FortNite Switch, Before the Storm Warcraft audio book, Flashing Lights cop game, Splatoon 2, Runner3, The Surge, SubNautica, and a song! We cover it all: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda, PC and more in our HUGE E3 Spectacular!

564 - Doctor. Detective. Vampire.

June 6, 2018

Vampyr, Destiny 2 giveway, Mario Tennis, Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness, Rainbow Six Siege: Para Bellum, Pokemon Quest, Fallout76, Asus gaming phone, Beware, NeoGeo exclusive, Animal Super Squad, Forsaken, Detroit: Become Human, Disco Dodgeball Remix, Code Vein, Agents of Mayhem, Subnautica, Runner3, and House Flipper. Plus your voicemail, POINTS, and more!

563 - Detroit: Become Offended

May 30, 2018

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, Moonlighter, Game Vice controller, Detroit: Become Human Roundtable review, Legend of Kay, Yoku's Island Express, Ninja Caveman switch giveaway, Battlefield V drama, Neon Drive, House Flipper, Steam mobile link and more! Plus news, voicemail, and Uncle Tiggy.

562 - You Fell Doing What?

May 23, 2018

State of Decay, House Flipper, Runner3, Floor Kids, Super Burgertime giveaway, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, Steam Mobile Streaming test with controller, H1Z1 PS4, Fortnite, Minit, and huge COD BLOPS news! Plus Matt has a new bonus show on our app, John almost dies, and Michelle breaks down networking.

561 - Stinky Gamers

May 16, 2018

Wild West Online, ValeGuard giveaway, John has no internet, Immortal Redneck, Rage 2 news, Sanhok Savage PUBg map, God of War, and more insanity.
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