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323 - Hip Dysplasia, Chronic Pain, Kidney Stones

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August 7, 2018

Weird Medicine

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322 - 49 Cent

July 25, 2018

Our intern does a best-of show of stuff you haven't heard in awhile (or ever in some cases). Enjoy, we'll be back live next week! This is a good one, Jenny McKinney discusses roller derby, a person pleasures themself with a deer tongue and more.

321 - Beet L Juice

July 17, 2018

Dr Steve (feat the music of ARHT) and crew discuss the benefits (if any) of beetroot extract, the benefits (if any) of vegetarian and vegan diets, a weird form of jock itch, and more!

320 - The Life Cycle of Splooge

July 10, 2018

Dr Steve and crew (including Super Android 23) discuss how doctors get it wrong sometimes, the genetic basis for parkinson disease, gastrocolic reflex, and why men can be fertile even if they've been celibate.

319 - Lumpy Ballsack Blues

July 3, 2018

Dr Steve and crew (including Super Android 23) discuss an idiotic iTunes review, sleep deprivation, ramp salt, and a nodular scrotum.

100 - Prepare to be Disappointed

April 1, 2014

Prepare to be Disappointed

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