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408 - Turd Immunity

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May 21, 2020

Weird Medicine

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407 - Let's Get Physical

May 13, 2020

Dr Steve and Tacie discuss the perfect physical exam, new covid-19 drug trials, and more

406 - O Covid We Hardly Knew Ye

May 7, 2020

Dr Steve and Tacie discuss news of the day and review the "normal" adult physical exam and whether some providers today are just lazy.

405 - Hives, Blood Donation and Herd Immunity

April 30, 2020

Dr Steve and Tacie discuss vaccine candidates, new covid-19 medications, hives, and explore herd immunity math. Fun!

404 - Covid Schmovid

April 22, 2020

Dr Steve and Tacie discuss "the new normal," scheduling when there's nothing to do, the psychology of exercise, how Remdesivir works, and more.


April 15, 2020

Update on the peak; Hydroxychloroquine update (sort of); was the lockdown too severe? What happens when the next wave hits? Tacie asks all the questions for you. Also some dang nut calls in...
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