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278 - Fat Is Not the Enemy

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September 19, 2017

Weird Medicine

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277 - Rigor Mortis and Tenon

September 12, 2017

Dr Steve and crew discuss hurricane talk, rigor mortis, the use of potassium as a nutritional supplement, postmortem nail growth and nicotine addiction!

276 - Love in the Time of Tetanus

September 6, 2017

Dr Steve and Dr Scott discuss the eclipse, hoarding water during a natural disaster, ingrown facial hair, lockjaw vaccine, ibogaine, and more! PS: if you got the title reference, yer smawrt!

275 - Urine Spirals and Ham Circles

August 29, 2017

Dr Steve is joined by girl-name Stacy to discuss the hurricane (redcross.org), adult gummies, how urine spins, hydroceles, Meniere Disease, cannabis and cancer, and more!

274 - A Man Called Horse

August 22, 2017

Dr Steve and crew discuss cerebral spinal fluid leakage with "Horse" from America's Got Talent and American Ninja Warrior! Also dry noses.

100 - Prepare to be Disappointed

April 1, 2014

Prepare to be Disappointed

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