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170 - Fifty Shades Of Vaginal Discharge

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February 9, 2015

Why You Suck In Bed

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159 - This Floridian Threesome

September 22, 2014

sexual price tags; Stacy and Henry haggle over the cost of a blowjob; Walter Hudson and Wilford Brimley get their dicks sucked; John believes his Match girl is a catfish; a ground beef threesome gone bad; Paige has a threesome in Florida; and more...

158 - Cee String Bane

September 15, 2014

animal penis molds; best outdoor places to masturbate; Stacy and Henry act out the sexting between John and his new Match.com girl; what to do when your lover refuses round two of sex; a fan's simple request for more "squirting" talk is fulfilled with a fervent passion; Cee String Bane hijacks the show!; bestiality, incest, and more...

157 - On The Paste

September 8, 2014

Henry returns with his hot banana; TP feeds John and Henry some Indian weed paste; Stacy and her viagra taking, geriatric lover; Paige and her southern gentleman; gross sex acts; Henry takes Stacy to task for her exaggerating; a fan shares his first masturbation experience; semen coffee; gunshot blowjobs; and more...

156 - Alcohol And Dick

September 1, 2014

back after a three week hiatus Stacy recounts her many ailments and introduces a new pussy; sex on satin sheets and memory foam; John's bi-polar date; Paige, alcohol, and dick; religious beastiality; murder by masturbation; extreme Brazilians; and more...

155 - Welcome To The Meat Cove

August 4, 2014

armed with the phone number of fireman Frank's former station house, the crew calls to get some genital pasta answers; Henry is interrogated; Stacy, cream pies, and yeast infections; cartoon threesomes; the C string; Kid Rock and the glass dildo; perverted locales; sex spreadsheets; and more...
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