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170 - Fifty Shades Of Vaginal Discharge

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February 9, 2015

Why You Suck In Bed

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154 - The Semen Fairy

July 28, 2014

while John searches his memories for the money left behind during his life that has been hidden by The Semen Fairy, Stacy goes on a date with an old family friend, and everyone ponders The Harlem Struggle; meet a dating website Nazi; HIV-killing condoms; the epiphany of The Johnimal's father; porn and intimacy; a listener leads the crew back to their favorite former fire fighter; and more...

153 - The Schizophrenic Ice Cream Social

July 21, 2014

a Truck Nuts sighting; John scores a date with his new online dating profile; Stacy and Paige recount romance gone awry; dealing with a depressed significant other; same sex couple violence; John passionately debates whether or not necrophilia is rape; Nazi sex dolls; inverted penis; and more...

152 - Horniculture

July 14, 2014

creepy masks; Stacy, Superman, and Phil Collins; results of Stacy and Paige's catfishing experiment; revisiting John's father's penis; the girls lament the evils of poetry; reminiscing childhood arousals; pick-up lines; lubricating apples; and more...

151 - Down To Fudge?

July 7, 2014

yoga with Stacy; body dysmorphic disorder; orgasms; the girls school John on the definition of DTF; the crew's plastic surgery adventure; penis enlargement for idiots; letting go of an ex; Paige's sleep-goggles; one night stand penis size; genital age; and more...

150 - James Taylor C Sections

July 1, 2014

Stacy's post-coital pussy violence; the crew chooses the Squatty Potty contest winner; a story about dolphin sex leads to a novel idea for our school children; signs you will be cheating soon; Paige reveals a hidden talent; a sex toy superhero; and more...
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