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170 - Fifty Shades Of Vaginal Discharge

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February 9, 2015

Why You Suck In Bed

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149 - Silver Broccoli Heads

June 9, 2014

Stacy and Paige make a porno during their girls night; John's date; Henry's vacuum; the crew try to help a man who is unable to cum with his girlfriend; a scientific anal sex study; clitoris awareness; oral sex at a wedding; sexy accents; sex "oopsies"; and more...

148 - SemenFlow

June 2, 2014

shopping for handjobs; the dismount; postcum; Paige applies to be one of Henry's twat sliders; a penis disrupts a high school graduation; public masturbation; frats and balls; does porn shrink brain cells?; and more...

147 - Hippo's Yawn

May 26, 2014

getting caught masturbating; memories of buying in store porn; Stacy, Truck Nuts, and the Magical Half Nugget; more vaginal euphemisms; prescription sex toys; the naked beer festival; why people cheat and what music they listen to; Stacy and Paige prepare to go catfishing; and more...

146 - Gramma's Snail Trail Pie

May 19, 2014

details of WYSIB's Squatty Potty giveaway; the testicular talents of Puffanino; Paige's guide to anal sex; an internal vibrator; false vagina inspections; John ask for help planning a bachelor party; and more...

145 - Transgender Mungs

May 12, 2014

a cautionary tale regarding genital hair removal; sexual misconceptions and stupidity; tuppersex; Japan's festival of the phallus; saving the environment by watching porn; clitoris size; a narcoleptic necrophiliac; and more...
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