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170 - Fifty Shades Of Vaginal Discharge

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February 9, 2015

Why You Suck In Bed

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144 - Oreo Stigmata

May 5, 2014

John returns with a bloody tale of racial ambiguity; Paige is anointed; shaving and razors; Angel's dream night with Dr. Stacy; the girls' masturbation habits; anal theories; emoticon beasitiality; reasons why men turn down sex; and more...

143 - Nuggets

April 29, 2014

a cunnilingus come-on; the dick pic stage; nugget porn; more food fornication; Florida's beastiality loophole; sex, divorce, morality; ecosex; listener email; Henry at the gym with a cheerleader and a dirty old man; and more...

142 - Name That Genitalia

April 21, 2014

Name That Genitalia

141 - African Superman

April 15, 2014

the Johnimal attempts to become an African Superman; mile high club information; cunnilingus apps; reasons women fake orgasms and why men fake it; and so much more...

140 - Porn Of Our Parents

April 8, 2014

catching up with Paige; finding your parents' hidden stash of sexual items; imagining TP as a child; disturbing sex toys; the hook-up truck; Stacy and Paige get impregnated by John, Henry and TP; and more...
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